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1 : What is your role with regards to purchasing or procurement decision making in your company?
Decision Maker Decision Influencer Consultative None  
2 : Which Industry do you belong to?
A Government Officials
(e.g. Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Urban Development, Jal Boards, Public Health and Works Department, Ministry of Environment & Forest, Municipal Authorities, Pollution Control Boards)
B Government Agencies
(e.g. technocrats, advisors and policy makers, distributors and dealers, manufacturers and system integrators, CEO’s and decision makers, builders,EPC contractors and architects, rating and funding agencies)
C Industries
3 : What is the purpose of your visit?
General market orientation
Preparing future business transactions
Doing business during the fair
Maintaining existing business relationships
Building up new business relationships
Seeking and identifying distributors/new agents/partners
Information about/looking for new products, novelties
Studying the competition
Further education/increasing professional knowledge
4 : How did you learn about IFAT India?
Invitation from supplier/ exhibitor
Direct mail/ e-mailing/ invitation from organizer
Trade association
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Social media
Newspaper/ magazine advertisement
Friends/ colleagues/ business associates
5 : Your primary area(s) of Interest?
Water extraction, desalination Air pollution control and noise reduction
Water and sewage treatment Energy efficiency technologies/ services
Water distribution, sewers Measuring/ control/ laboratory technology
Refuse disposal and recycling Environment management/ services
Energy from waste materials Science and research
Decontamination of old sites/ soil treatment    
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