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Cluster Matchmaking Mission 2013

Sr. No Name Sector / Focus Area Objective Website
1 Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster Focus areas are Cleantech, Renewable energy, sustainable materials, Reduction of CO2 emissions and Pollution reduction. Interested in Partners for joint research and development projects www.cphcleantech.com
2 LiqTech International A/S Focus area is Technologies for Water Efficiency. The objective is to get in dialogue with potential partners and system integrators in SiC membranes technology for cleaner air and water solutions in India. www.liqtech.com
3 AVAESEN Focus area is Clean technology in water and waste management. Interested in meeting clusters in the area of clean technologies, water energy efficiency & waste management www.avaesen.es
4 KALHIDRA Focus area is Innovative solutions for water efficiency. Objective is establishing R&D cooperation and promoting technological solutions www.kalhidra.com
5 Plastics Recyclers Europe Focus area is Plastic recycling, waste management, plastic product design, and sustainable development. Interested in Developing cooperation & partnerships in area of plastic recycling www.plasticsrecyclers.eu
6 CeDo Recycling B.V. Plastic recycling / Plastic converting is the focus area. Looking for Potential cooperation in the fields of plastics recycling and manufacturing of new products. www.cedo.com
7 Mazovia ICT Cluster Focus is on Information and Communication Technologies. Objective is to promote business, increase visibility and identify potential investors www.klasterict.pl
8 Bel System Ltd. Focus area is Water conditioning / water purification. Objective is international business trading and gaining Indian perspective in water conditioning technologies www.bel-system.pl
9 Water Sensors and Membranes (WSM) Water treatment by Membrane, water analysis, process control is focus sector. Looking for partnership in the areas of Membranes and sensor technologies for water treatment applications. Exchange information with other clusters & Commerce & industry representatives www.wsm-cluster.org
10 POLYMEM Water treatment is focus sector. Looking for OEMs in water treatment able to bring Microfiltration / Ultrafiltration technology to their market www.polymem.fr
11 GreenWin Environment Technologies Facilitate the internationalization of Walloon SMEs
Meet peer organizations and to sign with them all kind of partnerships leading to a long term relationship between the 2 parties.
12 RECYMET SA Recycling of ferrous & non-ferrous scraps Research for industrial and commercial partnership on non-ferrous scraps www.recymetrecycling.be
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