Innovation Pavilion

Isle- InNow Innovation Pavilion at IFAT India 2018
Mumbai, 15-17 October, 2018

Rapid industrialization, urbanization, and population expansion in India have created a number of environmental problems, water pollution being the major one. This has led to deterioration in both the quality and quantity of surface and groundwater, thereby affecting the net availability of water for consumptive use. Therefore, there is a tremendous need to create ‘innovative’ avenues to fill in gaps in the existing structure.

Isle Utilities, a global water innovation consultancy firm and accelerator, will launch its India initiative this year to bridge vetted global innovations to the Indian market. Along with IFAT and strategic partner InNow LLC, the Isle-InNow Innovation Pavilion at IFAT India 2018 provides SME's & innovators the opportunity to engage with the leading utilities, investors and municipalities in the Indian market. The Innovation Forum will showcase several unique solutions such as Hydro-dis; Village Pump; Voltea and Biocleaner.

InNow is the strategic partner for the Innovation program. InNow uses a unique commercialization model to provide companies with innovative technologies the opportunity to grow their business in the Indian subcontinent. InNow uses a detailed evaluation process, combined with an expert implementation staff on the ground in India to ensure early and sustained market success (www.innowllc.com)

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For questions contact Annelies Schenk, Program Director Isle Utilities. Annelies.schenk@isleutilities.com or 0031648782295

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