1. Hydraulic engineering and well construction

1.1 Protection, development and maintenance of water bodies

1.1.1 Monitoring of water bodies

1.1.2 Equipment for treatment of contaminated water bodies

1.1.3 Aeration equipment for rivers and lakes

1.2 Flood and coastal protection

1.3 Irrigation and drainage technology

1.3.1 Sprinkle irrigation

1.3.2 Drip irrigation

1.3.3 Machinery and equipment for drainage

1.4 Construction and rehabilitation of wells

1.4.1 Drilling equipment

1.4.2 Well construction and repair

1.4.3 Well monitoring

2. Water and sewage treatment

2.1 Mechanical-physical processes

2.1.1 Sedimentation facilities

2.1.2 Separator systems

2.1.3 Rakes, screens, filters

2.2 Treatment plants

2.2.1 Drinking water treatment

2.2.2 Process water treatment

2.2.3 Rainwater utilization / harvesting

2.2.4 Waste water / sewage treatment / effluent treatment

2.2.5 Greywater recycling and reuse

2.2.6 Compact systems

2.2.7 Storage tanks / accessories

2.3 Chemical-physical processes

2.4 Desalination (sea water)

2.5 Biochemical processes

2.5.1 Activated sludge plants (systems)

2.5.2 Aeration Equipment

2.5.3 Oxygen aeration plants

2.5.4 Blowers

2.6 Membrane processes

2.7 Treatment of sludge and residues

2.7.1 Sludge thickening and dewatering / zero liquid discharge

2.7.2 Sludge drying

2.7.3 Sludge incineration

2.8 Usage of sludge and residues

3. Water supply and sewerage systems

3.1 Pipes and fittings

3.2 Leak detection and monitoring

3.3 Pumps and lifting systems

3.4 Shafts and special structures, Manholes

3.5 Equipment for stormwater management

3.6 Outlets

3.7 Fittings and valves

3.8 Corrosion protection

3.9 Sewer construction and rehabilitation

3.10 Sewer inspection, cleaning and maintenance

4. Solid waste management and recycling

4.1 Solid waste sorting, collection bins / containers and transport

4.2 Mechanical solid waste treatment and recycling

4.3 Biological treatment and composting

4.4 Treatment and disposal of hazardous or infectuous medical waste

4.5 Treatment and recycling of electronic waste

4.6 Landfills

4.7 Vehicles and superstructures

4.8 Urban road cleaning and maintenance machines

4.9 Plants and equipment for the recycling and utilization of waste materials

4.10 Transmission engineering, fluid technology and power generation units

4.11 General purpose equipment, devices and accessories

5. Generating energy from waste materials

5.1 Biogas plants, fermentation, components

5.2 Thermal Treatment

5.2.1 Incineration plants

5.2.2 Pyrolysis plants and equipments

5.3 Utilization of landfill gas

5.4 Substrate processing, transport and feed systems

5.5 Gas transport, treatment and utilization

5.6 Treatment of fermentation waste materials

5.7 Biomass logistics

5.8 Heat recovery from waste water

5.9 Waste heat and waste pressure utilization

6. Energy efficiency technologies, services and products

6.1 Energy saving and emission reduction result display

6.2 Industry energy saving technologies and equipments (primary and secondary processes)

6.3 Other energy saving technologies and products

7. Decontamination of old sites/soil treatment

7.1 Registering, evaluating and monitoring contaminated soil, groundwater and buildings

7.2 Treatment of contaminated soil

7.3 Treatment of contaminated groundwater

7.4 Remediation of pollutants in buildings / building demolition

8. Air pollution control and noise reduction

8.1 Air pollution control and treatment equipment

8.2 Dust removal

8.3 Treatment of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

8.4 Desulphurization and denitrification

8.5 Odour treatment

8.6 Noise reduction and sound insulation

9. Measuring, control and laboratory technology

9.1 Measuring technology

9.2 Analysis/laboratory technology

9.3 Control technology

9.4 Process technology for water, sewage, solid waste and air

10. Environment management and services

10.1 Water supply and sewage disposal services

10.2 Waste recycling and disposal services

10.3 Waste suppliers, distributors and traders

10.4 Energy saving services and energy management contracts

10.5 Engineering services, environmental management, eco-auditing

10.6 Financing and PPP (Public Private Partnership)

10.7 Computer hardware and software

10.8 Aid organisations

11. Science, research, technology transfer

11.1 Trade associations and institutions

11.2 Research institutes/Universities

11.3 Specialty publishers, trade literature, databases