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Online, Onsite & Hybrid

Find here the prices and the onsite, online and hybrid participation options for taking part in IFAT India 2021.

Onsite participation

 Stand space

 Regular price

 Early bird price (until October 31, 2021) 

 Bare Space

 EUR 218 / m²  

 EUR 208 / m²

 Bare Space

 INR 12,200 / m²

 INR 11,500 / m²

 Shell Scheme

 INR 13,200 / m²

 INR 12,500 / m²

+ additional taxes applicable

Please note:

  • The minimum stand size is 12 square meters.
  • Shell-scheme packages are mandatory for stands smaller than 18 square meters.

For further details please see the application form or contact the organizer.

Online participation

1. Basic (with upgrade option to Premium):

  • Company details, 1 product listing, 1 login id
  • Smart analytics dashboard with product views, brochure download and likes

Free of charge

2. Premium (Basic package + Premium upgrade):

  • Company details, 5 product listings, 4 login ids
  • Powerful smart analytics dashboard with product views, brochure download, likes and visitor details
  • Live interaction with online visitors
  • Business enquiries from buyers
  • Pre-fixed meetings

 Regular Price
(after October 31, 2021)

 Early bird price
(before October 31, 2021)

 EUR 525

 EUR 475

 INR 42,000

 INR 37,500

+ additional taxes applicable

Participation option to engage with customers online

Pre-show: 3 days (29 Nov–1 Dec): Discover and re-connect

Show days: 3 days (2-4 Dec): Interact and do business

Post show: 5 days (5-9 Dec): Extended time to continue online meetings

Hybrid participation (onsite + online)

The hybrid participation option has been introduced for exhibitors unable to physically exhibit. The booth will be exclusively managed by the organizer. Exhibitor‘s representatives / products are not permitted inside these booths.

The hybrid package includes:

  • Online Premium participation benefits as mentioned above
  • 6 m² shell scheme booth onsite (managed for you by the organizer)
  • Live interaction with online and onsite participants via laptop with internet connection, trained service staff, business card collection, distribution of printed collaterals

Regular Price
(after October 31, 2021)

 Early bird price
(before October 31, 2021)

 EUR 1,790

 EUR 1,625

 INR 105,000

 INR 95,000

+ additional taxes applicable

You will find additional features in the brochure.

Click here to view the Domestic Brochure

Click here to view the International Brochure


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