October 15, 2024 I Hotel Westin, Mumbai

Sustainable Future: Technology & Policy Action to Mitigate Climate Change

About the Conference

A day-long conference comprising two parallel tracks and serving as a build-up to the three-day IFAT India 2024 trade fair on water, sewage, solid waste, and recycling, this conference will be held on 15 October 2024 at Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai.

As the world grapples with a future combatting industry-induced climate change, it is incumbent on India, more specifically industry, armed with well-designed & well-intentioned legislation, and new-age innovation, to neutralise the growing waste menace. Our agenda examines waste management from the lens of prevention, circularity, sustainability, digital transformation, legislation, and investment with sectoral sneak-peaks at plastic, tyre & rubber, textile & fashion, and end-of-life vehicles.

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Track I – Resolving India’s Water & Wastewater Management

Financing and Digital to deliver Scale, Speed and Savings for the Water Sector in India

Discover how innovative financing models and digital technologies are revolutionizing India's water sector. Join industry experts as they explore ways to scale operations, accelerate project timelines, and achieve cost savings through cutting-edge financial and digital solutions.

Advanced membranes and materials for water and wastewater treatment

Join our tech savants as they discuss commercial viability of membrane-based technologies in solving challenges-related to wastewater treatment. Discover the untapped opportunities offered by advanced tech solutions.

Smart Water Management in Commercial and Institutional Market Segments

Explore the latest advancements in smart water management tailored for commercial and institutional markets. Our experts will discuss how intelligent systems, AI, blockchain, & IoT technologies are optimizing water usage, improving efficiency, and reducing operational costs.

Advanced Technologies for Sewage Treatment Plants

Are you a producer curious to know how to better treat your sewage & optimally manage treatment facilities? Join us as we look at advanced treatment methods, digital transformation, and smart monitoring solutions in combatting legacy plant problems.

Circular Economy and ZLD Solutions for Industrial Water Management

Explore the future of industrial water management, emphasizing the circular economy and zero liquid discharge (ZLD) solutions. Gain valuable insights from industry leaders on sustainable practices and technologies designed to reduce waste, recycle resources efficiently, and establish a closed-loop system for industrial water utilization..

Innovative Technologies and business models for resource recovery in Sludge Management

Explore the untapped potential of resource recovery in sludge management through cutting-edge technologies and innovative business models. Engage with industry specialists as they present solutions that not only treat sludge effectively but also extract valuable resources, turning waste into profitable opportunities.

Track II – Rethinking Solid Waste Management in India

EPR – Extended Producers Responsibility - Key enabler to achieve circular economy in India

Are you a producer keen on advancing solid waste circularity in-house? Are you interested in knowing policy schemes and incentives that would impact innovation and investment in your industry? If so, join us as we examine the influence of EPR legislation on producer sentiment and manufacturer strategies.

Reimagine the way we Produce, Consume & Dispose plastics

Engage with us as we discuss EPR applicability on producers and brands, bourgeoning consumer awareness and eco-friendly sentiments, government initiatives, innovative packaging, eco-conscious recycling systems, and waste-to-wealth. Join us as we look at an ecosystem blueprint to neutralise the plastic waste menace.

Fostering Circular Fashion in Textile & Apparel sector

If you’re a textile manufacturer, don’t get caught napping! Whether it is insights on using sustainable materials or knowledge of policy incentivises and industry regulations or keeping abreast of R&D trends or exposure to end-of-life waste mitigation, this session will allow you to gain a first-mover advantage over competition.

E Waste and Solar Panel Recycling

Discover the future of recycling electronic waste and solar panels with innovative technologies and sustainable practices. Engage with industry leaders as they discuss efficient recycling methods, circular economy principles, and the latest advancements in handling electronic and solar waste responsibly.

Used Oil Recycling – An opportunity for Circularity & Material Efficiency

Gain insights on how industry can organise the waste oil disposal system with deliberations on stakeholder accountability and preventive measures in improving circularity of waste oil within the system.

Hazardous Waste Management

Explosive, flammable & corrosive manufacturers – you no longer need to beware! Join experts as they shed light on regulatory compliance, preventative measures, risk mitigation, and innovation in ensuring safe handling, treatment, transport & disposal of hazardous materials, safeguarding both human health and environment.

Speaker Profile

  • Policymakers from:
    • Ministry of Jal Shakti
    • Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change
    • Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
  • Experts and scientists in environmental protection and legislation
  • Urban planners & architects
  • Green finance leaders
  • Private equity / venture capital investors
  • AI / Blockchain / IoT leaders
  • Circularity experts and Chief Sustainability Officers
  • CSR, ESG & EHS heads
  • GIR, Regulatory, Legal & Compliance teams

Who should attend?

  • CSR leaders
  • ESG professionals
  • Heads of sustainability
  • Plant operators
  • Maintenance & Laboratory technicians
  • Engineers
  • EHS specialists
  • Manufacturing heads
  • Ethics & Compliance leaders
  • Regulatory & Legal heads
  • Blockchain heads
  • Data Science & AI engineers
  • IoT architects & developers
  • Municipal Commissioners
  • Municipal Heads of IT, Public Health,
  • Environmental Management, Land & Estate, Town Planning
  • Chairmen & Member Secretaries of Central & State Pollution Control Boards
  • Directorates of Urban Local Bodies

Partnership Benefits

  • Opportunity for tech solution providers & startups to reach sustainability, ESG, & EHS leaders to help them frame corporate waste management strategies.
  • Chance for waste management companies to support corporates with fulfilment of their EPR obligations.
  • Not-to-be-missed occasion for corporate India, circularity experts, and sustainability champions to align with what policymakers are thinking, planning & doing.
  • Position yourself as a Thought Leader of repute by running a panel session to enable new business development.
  • Participate in our Matchmaking Series and interact with sought-after Wish List of prospects that will impress your top brass.
  • Create a Demo Zone and make an impactful first impression to industry, government, and urban agencies at large.
  • Organize a Networking Roundtable on the conference sidelines to drive B2B engagement, outreach, and new client acquisition.

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