University Challenge

At IFAT India 2015 German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste (DWA) organized the first University Challenge in Integrated Waters Resources Management (IWRM). Eight teams from different regions in India (i.e. from Delhi, Jaipur, Bangalore, Pune, Warangal and Gujarat) faced the task to create a smart “green province”. The only available tools were 62 DWA environmental cards covering water structures, water supply, wastewater, waste and energy subjects. Parallel to the University Challenge, the simulation game Serious Game Aqua Republica was launched.

We congratulate the winning team from Jaipur which will travel to IFAT 2016 in Munich and participate in the first World University Challenge in IWRM. This is possible because the Ludwig Obländer Federation (founder of the company WILO) is the supporter of this event.

Rüdiger Heidebrecht, Head of Department Training & International Cooperation, German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste (DWA):
"IFAT India was a great success for us. We organized the first Indian University Challenge on Integrated Water Resources Management and academic teams battled for the first prize - a visit to IFAT 2016 in Munich."

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