All India Environmental Journalism Competition

A highlight at IFAT India 2015 was the All India Environmental Journalism Competition.
This media award was founded by GIZ in order to encourage journalists to report more on environmental topics at the Indian subcontinent and, in doing so, increase awareness about environmental protection. The awards were presented for the best submissions in the categories print, internet and video. The winners were honored during the Inauguration Ceremony at IFAT India 2015.

And the winners are:

Print Category

First Prize – "Goa’s Venetian Creek awaits revival" by Marianne de Nazareth published in Eco Earth Care on January 2015.

Second Prize – "Life in a Garbage Dump" by Radheshyam Jadhav published in The Times of India, Pune, Maharashtra on 1st February, 2015.

Internet Category

First Prize – "Why are we pretending that there isn’t a growing mountain of menstrual waste we need to deal with?" by Nidhi Jamwal published in Yahoo! Originals by Grist Media on 9th January, 2015.

Second Prize – "Swachh Punjab is a stinking reality" by Manu Moudgil published in Indian Water Portal on 23rd June, 2015.

Video Category

First prize - "Polluted Yamuna river of Indian capital" by Deepa VM published in Asianet News, Kerala on 2nd May, 2015.

Read more about the All India Environmental Journalism Competition. (http://www.igep.in/e48093/e59184/e61264/)

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